Finally you can sell your products online and send them to the United States LogicPaq, quickly and safely. We have the most advanced technology to ensure our service. LogicPaq is the only courier internationally that has an agreement direct integration with United States Postal Service (USPS), it allows each of your shipments can give you a tracking number with which you can track your packages both our website and the official website of the US mail.

Put your trust in us is placing it in the USPS from the United States.

How do I make my Shipping?

Just be LogicPaq customer (regístrate aquí if you're not) and you can send your packages from any of our branch around any Logicpaq store in a our different country that we have presence. 

What I can not send?

Below you will find a document with non-permitted items for shipping to the United States.

Ver documento

What does it cost me to do a return?
We have the most competitive rate in the Dominican market. Below is a virtual calculator where you can get the shipping price.
Also, if you bring your packages you LogicPaq regularly, to make a shipment automatically receive a discount on your shipment to the United States. As a thank you for your faithfulness.

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