We transport around the world, documents, envelopes and small packages or medium all through the postal express private system is called Express Mail or Courier.

Packages and letters are shipments that can be transported by land, sea or air; each with different rates depending on the duration of delivery, weight and volume weight.

We offer logistics services Express Mail or Courier from Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Curacao and Panama in our initial stage, we can then handle its cargo Courier from anywhere in the world, we have a staff with over 20 years in the logistics industry. We are known for only charge a fee summary which will have no additional expense.



LOGIC PAQ Llc. It is a company specializing in air and sea logistic company. Staffed by a group of experienced professionals and high trajectory, focused on providing a service of unsurpassed quality.

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